South Africa safari

Second year on safari and the journey did not dissapoint. Maybe this will encorage me to blog last year’s adventure as well. This year, my sister and I decided to do a more compact safari in the Kruger area of South Africa. I say more compact because for last year’s safari (our first), we visited … More South Africa safari


Each day brings its own up and downs but considered as a stream of impingements over time, one cannot readily discern a trend. Being and living in the moment at once affirms and negates this trend since, on the one hand events causing ups and downs are tempory. But, while they happen they are all-important. … More Increments


All azaleas are rhododron but not vice versa. Pale faces overdressed with too many dark (read black) colours in June make me vomit many colours and colors. Colour black matter as much as my life in rose. Pigeons lesson ftom adjacent person annoying and slickly fucked up. How’s the smoking? People intensely not interested în … More Thoughts

Prompt about balloons and a house. Thanks to Melanie my latest follower

Melanie’s post about aspiring to write something got me motivated today. A day in which, otherwise, offered little in the way of motivation beyond the ordinary home-brewed cup of coffee. It’s another sunless day the 28th in a row. I almost long for those bright arctic days painfully clear but perussive with colors. Almost…except the balloons … More Prompt about balloons and a house. Thanks to Melanie my latest follower

Some kind of story

She was the original protagonist an Aunty Gen minus the gin. The accesorized 360 degree view helped the triumvarite of dreamscapers find the needed character mold. A veritable impression left by a 542 year old blood sausage. The hampstead heath was her domain of new and old. Thee weesome bucks around the mark were solidly … More Some kind of story