Time for taxes? The 16th Amendment for 16th?

It’s not my story but all of our stories. Here’s in a nutshell what the 16th Amendment to the US Consitution says: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. I was thinking … More Time for taxes? The 16th Amendment for 16th?

Day 13 👍👍😁😄😅😆😄😍😌😁😂😅😆

Most consider Friday the 13th unlucky but I can list 13 good things that happened on Friday. 1. I completed my post for Day 12 and kept on track with daily contributions to my blog. 2. The day was mostly sunny. 3. My physical mailbox was empty of junk. 4. I got the apartment cleaned. … More Day 13 👍👍😁😄😅😆😄😍😌😁😂😅😆

Day 11…freedom to influence from highest position?👎👍👎👍✌✋

Normally, I want to keep this blog politics free but recently an issue concerning political influence and free speech has popped up. Take the example of Trump’s tweets and specifically those on companies be they drug companies or auto manufacturers. Drug companies are being accused of “getting away with murder” due to their high prices … More Day 11…freedom to influence from highest position?👎👍👎👍✌✋

Ten for ten 👐

There’s a lot of superlatives in the news today in terms of top 10 but have you considered ice?  Yes, the frozen stuff. 10 random things of interest relating to it. Appropriate for the 10th of January which, for the northern hemisphere, is approaching the coldest or “iciest” time of year. 1. skyscraper from ice Ok … More Ten for ten 👐

Day 9 👋👊

Just in under the wire at 23:21 for “today’s” post. Lots of things from CES to digest. And trying to power through some of the more onerous things. Ignoring bits of paper recieved in the mail is not going to work. So..just get it done sort of day. But that’s reality. Social media is often … More Day 9 👋👊