A bit about Bite

Today’s prompt is “bite” so let’s consider an owl’s perspective. Do they bite one bit at a time or take the whole bite? You may say that the owl can’t bite because it is made of clay. However, the bite is an impression of it so an impact in that way. But, I rather think … More A bit about Bite

The web of relativity

All things are weakly related to everything. For example, if I consider the flannel sheet I am currently wrapped up in, I can consider the lines or stripes on it as a road leading to anwhere I wish. This road leads from my sofa, where I am currently recumbent, to all areas of the world.

Gevalia’s End?

After nearly 10 years, the trusty coffee-maker is running out of steam or should I say just running on steam. Gone is the marvellous silent operation which has produced so many cups of inspiration over the years. Now, hugely gurgling, only produces spits of perspiring water barely dampening the ground coffee it is supposed to … More Gevalia’s End?