Each day brings its own up and downs but considered as a stream of impingements over time, one cannot readily discern a trend. Being and living in the moment at once affirms and negates this trend since, on the one hand events causing ups and downs are tempory. But, while they happen they are all-important. Odious comparisons as usual are the immediate culprit. The latest up for someone else should be neutral or a bit of happiness for them but it is neither and in that the trend is negated as there is hardly any contribution to the stream of incidentals impinging. The bigger picture, however, saves the moment and all is tolerable again and not pricking into one’s sensibility. 

The down gondola (or presumably the up) serve to as an explanatory metaphor. One enters its confines an immediately the volubility of the standing-in-line evaporates into a silence which can only be described as gondolic. A silence which is not the same as experienced in the larger version commonly known as a tramway.

In silence, with perhaps up to 3 other people, one descends. Thousands of feet are incrementally marked by the passage of the declining landscape. It may be summer, but the sonorification is non-seasonal. The snow cover could be there or not.

The importance is yhat silence has coping utility as it is static but demonstrably in total motion. Each landmark passed is like an affective (plus or minus) but effectively makes way for the next passed. A perfect pluperfect wrapped in a cosy gondola.

The conversations therein are focused with the same tropism one might get on any quiter transport such as getting into the bus (coach) when it’s hot and you sit down then a sweet wrapper crinkles abetting tropism. In short… expectation.

Then the cables vibrate, the lodge comes into close view and the silence sublimates away. Wither the increments? Well, perhaps best left up the mountain…


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