Prompt about balloons and a house. Thanks to Melanie my latest follower

Melanie’s post about aspiring to write something got me motivated today. A day in which, otherwise, offered little in the way of motivation beyond the ordinary home-brewed cup of coffee. It’s another sunless day the 28th in a row. I almost long for those bright arctic days painfully clear but perussive with colors.
Almost…except the balloons lift our house ever higher away from the terrestrial force of memoir, reminisce, and  the known. The balloons are colourful and not subject to expansion because the atmosphere is countervailing accomplishment. The house is similarly not subject to outward force and rises with the attachments.

A house in form a home with those balloons. Imagination is a cruel artefact of deconstrutive necessity. It is poise and balance buoying that tethered object against known phyics. Yet, it is critical and subject to change on ascent. The analysis is always possible. Free body diagram, dynamic additives resultants and so forth: but trying to engineer imagination needed to float one’s writing skills to ever-more lofty heights isn’t what the house tethered to a bunch of balloon is about. 

So, loyal followers (if I have any), reach out to the last person who followed you, find a post of theirs that you like, and make a post about it putting a link to their post. 

I find that, in periods of zero motivation, simple works. The things you picked up in blogging101 or 201 work too so go back and edit your post with tags etc to get it out there. Gray mode sucks because it is a zillion shades of…nothing.  


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