Day 20 and 21

Anyone have some tips on how to keep writing when you don’t feel motivated? Maybe I do too much live streaming and blogging has run out of gas due to lack of instant interaction. At last count, there are over 30 main stream live apps out there. Everyone is trying to build engagement for their brand by increasing their useful and connected list of followers. The red notification of Facebook isn’t engagement any more because yes it is red and “demands” your attention but it’s static and old (not “right now”) so it becomes secondary to immersive live experience. Facebook will need to innovate in VR, AR, and other “realities” to continue to grow. Otherwise, all the other apps like younow and Hype will compete. Twitter …wither Twitter? You still can’t edit a tweet without deleting it and starting again as the @POTUS  Twitter recently demonstrated in a simple typo. Also, there’s no way of ordering tweet threads by “most popular”.


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