Day 18 and 19

Yep, going to tackle 2 in one to get caught up.I might do a bit of poetry after tackling this article on net neutrality that I came across today. Tomorrow is Inauguration Day so it is appropriate to discuss change.

But what has changed so far? The choppers will be circling looking for a story as protests erupt near Westlake in downtown Seattle. There may be some arrests but in the end people will go back home.

In other news, I removed the plastic screen protector that had been covering my screen for a few years. I am going to get a new phone anyway this year so let the scratches begin. Anyone still using a Galaxy S4 aka a 2013 phone? 4 years means I have violated Moore’s law a few times already. The phone still works OK but I can’t add anything to it as it is, even stripped down of apps, still 90% full. If you are redline at 95%, you can’t even download emails.


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