15 ducks in a row

Yes, I am still a day behind because it’s the 16th but really this blog is running out of number themes.

Greenlake ok date ok but 15 or even 3 ducks in a row may only be on the lake and partly frozen though it was they were lining up. The humans and dogs around the lake not so orderly. I often wonder how to get even 2 lined up. Two people that is who meet for the first time. 

But I will in the interest of efficiency relate the number 15 to the issue of cartapping. Have a read in the article. It’s an aspect of freedom and technology I may break out in a sub-chapter on freedom and mobility. The question arising here concerns freedom to be “secure in one’s home and affairs” according to the Constitution and by extension, one’s car. For about 15 years, this may not be the case since gps and locator systems have been in cars. 

At issue here is the guarantee of extension of privacy. In the article on cartapping it was pointed out that the suspected drug dealers already under investigation had their conversation surreptitiously tecorded by the onstar gps when it was activated under court order to track their location. The recording of the conversation was unintended.

For those not under investigation, the question then is: could ones’ private affairs be violated in such a way by a governmental or non-governmental party. The latter being the clearer case of hacking. The enabler here of course being the technology itself? 

A further examination of this is warranted especially now as connected objects become more and more the norm. From cartapping to maybe fridgetapping or most shockingly bedtapping in the home. 


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