Day 14 Wallace Falls hike

Decided to skip the numbered emoticons for this time and may drop the Day (number) title format. 

The trip to Wallace Falls near Sultan, Washington started out promising with no rain as I met the other dozen or so people from the meetup at the park and ride. Rode in Anna’s car with Rollie and I think Chris. It is tough to remember names but Anna is from Ukraine and Rolly had not slept but went on the hike anyway. The other woman obviously made no impression on me though she was up front in the passenger seat next to Anna. I think meetup should have more complete bios on participants??

We stopped at the bakery in Sultan and it was plenty busy. 2 buck refillable so-so canister coffee plus a sugar-laden dark chocolate brownie was enough for me. Others had a full breakfast which is probably the wisest first thing in the morning before a hike. 

We are known as the slacker hiking group though we do keep going so finally we arrived at the trailhead. It certainly was the most complete trailhead I have seen. Typically, one is faced with just a port-a-loo and a sign but this one had an automatic parks pass dispenser, a large bathroom (heated with full amenities like hand driers and flushing toilets), and a small gift shop which was, however, not open being off season.

I could almost count 14 stops in the 2.6 miles to the Upper Wallace Falls viewpoint since everyone wanted photo opportunities. 

This is the Middle Falls view and is actually better than the upper view which was blocked by trees an vegetation as one looked down.

This was where we finally took our lunch break at the upper viewpoint. I thought we were going on to Wallace Lake which was 2 miles further so I saved my sandwich and just had an energy bar. 

You can see from the map that a loop to the lake and back is much longer. I think just under 10 miles total. Obviously, with our group this was not to be and we had reservations at a Thai restaurant in Monroe, Washington at 4.00pm so we headed back down. It was icy in patches and there were a few slips but nothing serious. “Gray” ice concealed under trail dirt didn’t help matters. The most icy part was in the flat near the powerlines

where it was slow go. Nice view and why did they put the lines in the way? The placement of high voltage lines is a blog entry in itself to try to figure out just why, if lost, following them might not get you where you need to go!

This was the view from lower falls. Fail on depth of field focus but I wasn’t taking the picture.

Typically moss covered trees we saw on the way down. It’s not quite a temperate rain forest but gets a good amount of rain annually. But not this particular day; our boots were barely muddy back at the cars.

The most surprising thing was that I had almost 4g signal most of the way so was able to put photos on social media and even do short live streams on Periscope. The challenge is to live stream while participating in a “real world” group without being antisocial to those in the group or ignoring those on screen in your broadcast. The joys of multi-tasking!

All in all, I would recommend this hike to anyone except those wanting a very strenous workout. It’s great for families and dogs on leash are OK. We encountered both outside of our group on the way up and down.


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