Day 13 👍👍😁😄😅😆😄😍😌😁😂😅😆

Most consider Friday the 13th unlucky but I can list 13 good things that happened on Friday.

1. I completed my post for Day 12 and kept on track with daily contributions to my blog.

2. The day was mostly sunny.

3. My physical mailbox was empty of junk.

4. I got the apartment cleaned.

5. I finally got health insurance matter sorted.

6. I gained 5 new real followers on my Periscope.

7. I walked for an hour in delightful sun.

8. I redid the second chapter in my book cutting it down by about a third. Lots of inefficient paragraph structure.

9. I culled another 200 emails from an email account.

10. While walking I found a battered nickel. Lucky I guess.

11. Found double sale item on soap.

12. Dome light in car works ok after a quick unscrew. No need for a new bulb.

13. Can’t come up with 13th but today is 13th and luck and positivity ruled the day.

Oh yeah…stocks finished the week higher…there….13.

Let’s see what 14 gives….. 


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