12th Day of 2017…🙌👬

Just a bit of poetry that popped up last night/early this morning. Yes it is the 13th so I am due another post. Motivation is becoming a real issue lately not sure why. Well, I suppose I do but that’s not for a blog from dailywriter.

Oh…here’s the bit of poetry. 

The White cold of a mid-January moon

Full unto the evening not in the day soon

The Child questions from the bed of youth

Words learned from the soothe

Imposter in youth as in Time

None if this is mine

To question.

Youth Imposter was a book title I came up with in 1982. But the book was never completed. Now, in the fullness of time, I can see it through. I still have most of my notes even after all the crazy moves I made in those days. But, I do not reminisce much compared to some in the 55 plus age group. I didn’t in 1982 so why would I create memories to live in? 

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