Ten for ten 👐

There’s a lot of superlatives in the news today in terms of top 10 but have you considered ice?  Yes, the frozen stuff. 10 random things of interest relating to it. Appropriate for the 10th of January which, for the northern hemisphere, is approaching the coldest or “iciest” time of year.

1. skyscraper from ice

Ok it melts but look at the scale.

2. Ice forms circular disks

Actually close to the area where we did trail rehabilition with Mountain to Sound Greenway Trust.

3.Dry ice isn’t made of water. It’s frozen carbon dioxide, which can change from a solid to a gas at room temperature and pressure without going through a liquid state. Dry ice is quite useful in keeping things cold because it freezes at a chilling minus 109.3 degrees.

4. Inupiaq in Alaska have over 100 names for sea ice depending on conditions, shape, size, animal association etc.

5.Water is usually more dense than ice. Ice and liquid water may be made of the same stuff, but those molecules arrange themselves in different ways depending on whether they’re in a liquid or solid state. In liquid water, molecules are able to fill in gaps and pack themselves in more closely than in the spread out and ordered crystalline structure of ice, which makes ice less dense and therefore able to float on water.

6. Ice falling from the sky aka hailstones can kill though a glass of water never hurt anyone.

7. Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Aristotle first noted this in the fourth century BC, but it was only accepted by modern science due to the persistence of a Tanzanian schoolboy called Erasto Mpemba who, in 1963, proved it by repeatedly demonstrating that ice-cream mixture set more quickly than cold. We still don’t know why.

8. Ok here’s a youtube with more fun facts about ice. 

9. Ice doesn’t always form at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius. Water can actually be supercooled to something like -40c/f without ice forming.

10. Mars has polar icestorms of dry ice. Check out this blog for a fasinating account.

And there you have it folks. Try it yourself in your blog not just because it’s the tenth day of the month or year but to get an entree into a subject of interest.You could make  ten a theme or repeated feature for your blog. Consider those days when things are a bit slower.

Keep writing …daily! 

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