Day 9 👋👊

Just in under the wire at 23:21 for “today’s” post. Lots of things from CES to digest. And trying to power through some of the more onerous things. Ignoring bits of paper recieved in the mail is not going to work. So..just get it done sort of day. But that’s reality. Social media is often Fantasyland where real world problems are not even acknowledged. There’s a real selfishness out there on Periscope. Or is there? One can choose to click away from it. What the hell is #eggdrp? Eggdrop…learn to spell. Ha ha. It isn’t a Chinese egg dish anyway. But we get it…eggs are newbies without a profile or much of a following less any kind of brand. You are somehow annoyed #golive  from Twitter has brought more of them into your broadcast. Get over yourself. 

I got over mine.

Rant over.

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