Day 8 👍👍👍👋

Not a lot to report for Sunday January 8th. It seems holidays are fading as I walk around the neughborhood. Where there were lighted trees, there are now just bare branches. The light level does seem lower on the evening walk. A few fully lit trees still show in some windows but the warmth seems gone. They probably aren’t home but maybe doing night skiing under another kind of light.

Instagram has put in a live function and I tried “insta ing” (scoping sounds better) but it’s not  organic following like on Periscope. I follow a few hundred on Instagram but have very few followers. It’s tied to Facebook though not really because most of the followers aren’t from Facebook but crossovers from Periscope. I think a lot on Facebook don’t live stream due to all the other engagements on that site. 

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