Day Seven …it is 23:03 👆💛👫👍👍👍

You thought I am one day behind? Nope still 7 January and still sticking to my goals the most basic of which is to post each day. 

I think I may have a bit of ocd pointed out by the missing yam incident. No, this is not the honey incident but you might look at that post for vicarious entertainment. Just look in my history lazy reader. Links aren’t always served here but sausages are good! I know…keep your day job….

Oh the yam likely rolled off the self-scan bagging area so never made it to the bag. I think they should design those with a better edge where errant objects are caught. When you are busy bagging you don’t notice and by then weight sensor is off. But I did look for said yam for a while then gave up. Not sure why I went through the trash and  old bags twice. 

Counterbalancing this, while out on my walk, I caught the odour of fireplaces but had no memory stuff intervene. Sometimes an odour is just an odour. There is no reason to bring the past into it. This, dear reader, is the most important thing to realise. Never give memory any additional energy. It isn’t going anywhere. But your life is going forward. False comfort of memory is false. These are the good times. Or bad or…indifferent. The most ironic thing is to read on Facebook: “We care about your memories..”. 

Who is “we”?

What are Facebook memories?

Why would I care?

Where and when is the memory on a social media which prides itself on “what’s happening now..”?

I challenge anyone to answer that last question.

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