Day 6 💚💛💜✌👍

3 digits up and three hearts. A missed day? You say 7…ah..but in the cyber world one can always be plus or minus according to “real life” position on earth. Did anyone see earth images from the Mars mission? Look at that and you will not know what day it is. Justjfying my missed day? You bet and doing it with a bit of freestyle writing. 

The sky has clouded up again after days of cruel winter sun. I say cruel because in a bundled up state one cannot take advantage of it in a relaxed manner. 

I have been looking at more CES releases and so far the trend in gadgets definitely centers around smart mobility such as cars which can predict road hazards. This would be great but the biggest problem out there on the road is congestion not accidents. Having a next generation of smart cars won’t get people into mass transit. In fact, it may do the opposite as more want to experience the environment and true “freedom” off a hands-off the steering wheel drive. Perhaps by then the virtual office (an immersive form of telecommuting) will replace the need for the traditional commute. After all, what do most office workers do in their cubes? Their physical presence may be needed at meetings but even that could be done virtually. The implications  for commercial real estate are of course also enormous as, without space reallocation or repurpose, there will be an enormous glut of physical space being a legacy of the cube generation.

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