Day 5👋you have 5 notifications in the red circle

Funny how the red circle or oval with a number is not yet a jaded object.  It holds a promise of interaction on social media but for email perhaps trepidation about an out of control inbox carrying off screen ramifications. Yet, in our personal freedom interacting with the screen we are at liberty to ignore it but we know about the law of numbers.

In the past few days the Consumer Electronic Show CES has been in the news. Virtual reality is getting closer to mainstream. The red circle notification though an entree to interaction will likely cease to exist in a short time. A holo or virtual assustant will pop up first thing as you sip your first coffee announcing the “numbers”. 

Consider the add on nano 360 camera that was presented at CES and is available. The technology is less of note than the extra interaction it affords in live streaming. Up until now, a live broadcaster had control over what view the viewers would see including the ability to hide their face. With 360 the control passes to the viewer and if one chooses the broadcaster is always facing the camera. The importance here is the degree of interactivity and perhaps the expectation of it is increased. In a way, this is a stepping stone on the path to full interaction that will be available in an immersive VR media. In time, it is possible that choice between VR and real will not be exercised in favor of real because VR is always more “immediate and happening” than traditional real interactions. Notions like the 5 pillars of life (Five yes for the 5th of January)would need redefining to come up with a construct of what makes up a balanced life. 

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