Happy Wednesday…a window into news viewing fake or not free to choose. Day 4 👆👆👆👆 of 2017.

First off, anyone know how to put gifs or images into the title apart from smilies? Maybe I need another template? By day 25 or so putting up 25 thumbs up could be tough…oh wait I’ll just use hands..5 fingers 10 hands…that gives me a while to sort out this title issue.

I start each day with a quick scan of the news feeds as compiled on Yahoo or other source collectors/aggregators. But just how does one go about figuring out what headlines are worthy of the click? One is free to choose any, none, some, or all. Let’s look at a few examples from today, the 4th day of the New Year.

The first headline I actually opened was one that was entitled “105 year old Frenchmen sets cycling record”. These sorts of  articles are usually positive and uplifting stories of human potential or sheer endurance. Face it, we may not make it to this age but it is of interest to see what that those who do are capable of achieving. Also, it is constructive when one applies it to one’s self…for me almost 50 years the junior to this man.


Almost directly below that was one titled “Mortified Mariah Carey discusses ‘horrible New Year’s eve'”. Not clickable because it’s not positive nor do I “care” about her. No pun intended. The minutiae of entertainers especially in the realm of misfortune only speeds me down the headlines or onto the next news source. 

We all have a personal way of screening the news and the next headline I actually clicked today may surprise you especially if you knew how apolitical I am in real life. I was going to pass  the Bloomberg article: “Trump with 2 tweets helps push GOP reversal on ethics” but then it struck me that this was exactly the sort of material at least a chapter of my book would be on. To whit, the effect of social media as an open technology on society itself. 

The easiest part of selecting what to click on can also be what not to click on. So many things get recycled (hey Kiplinger…we saw or read that one a month ago) or you get the “superlative” headline like “The 10 best restaurants on earth…The 18 things you must do today to make 5 million by the time you are 50..”. 


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