HAPPY 2017😁😄😆😌👍💜👏#Day One

First, a reach out to all my followers. Dailywriter it is for 2017 and with the New Year, a fresh commitment to live up to that name. 

For this first silence-breaking post, a chance to re-assess my blog goals. Those of you who took blogging 101 remember that was the firt thing you did in the course. So here goes with the goals.

1. To blog something each day. I have been on Periscope (Twitter’s live streaming platform) the last year and I have realised how important daily scoping is about building your brand and attracting a following. Even if you only have a short “scope” like #thirtysecondthursday, you can aid in these two goals by scoping. Similarly, here in WP, you can write shorter and more pithy posts on days you just want to keep in touch.

2. To link my blogging to my live streaming to help in both areas as far as advancing goal #1

3. To complete one chapter of my book about personal freedom and technology with goals 1 and 2. Meaning that the subject for the chapter and the entire contents would be generated from interactions with my followers in live streaming and here on WordPress. 

4. To constructively discuss once a week an article in news pertaining to freedom and technology. The idea here is to cast the net wide. EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) gets the juices going but one should branch out from there to consider different angles. 

5. To refine my personal hashtag cloud of interest again in service of goals above especially 1 and 2.

I am KastKe on twitter and Periscope but will change to get more branded. That name only makes sense to me because it was a typo that I decided to keep. Last…Kast…no idea what the Ke was about though…

I leave you with a nice Panoramic image I took on the snowshoe hike yesterday. Location is near Blewitt pass, Washington USA.

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