Missed meetup

The announcement for the Holiday walk said no no-shows or last minute cancellations. Tell that to my body rolling over in my comfy bed after having been awake much earlier than the obligatory 8.30 am getup to “slide in at the last minute” for the extraganza that was not to be. Hours later, tumbling out of slumber, realising the cop-out was, in fact, a fait accompli and going to the meetup site to see if I could feel better seeing mass cancellations. The total was 47 down from 51 with only a few lame excuses left in the comments. Mine was not there and so no comfort ensued. Another realization shone on me: the urban trek would have passed close to my place. I almost could see them from my balcony. Later, their route map showing in the (many) photos taken would confirm this hunch. Photos included the water tower where I had live streamed on periscope the day before. If I had known, I would have left a note attached to one of the iron window grates to the effect of: “Kil(j)oy was here”. But, I missed on that opportunity as well and no one wants to meet thenselves at any rate.

Aye no.

Well, maybe the organiser didn’t notice I was missing as in didn’t do a head count as on a regular hike. Relief over this thought quickly teplaced by “…well I screwed up” feelings knowing the snowshoe at the end of the month is coming organized by the same person. Then relief again as I realised I was going to the blues club though not organised by the same person. So, I had that to talk about if confronted or sequestered for a one on one with the organizer.

And some worry about politics or items in the so-called news?! 

Life is only personal and incredibly intricate so if anyone asks you “how you are” give a chuckle and tell them about your missed meetup.

The hundred santas not seen. 


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