The honey incident

It was an ordinary mission to head to the Coop grocery for a few things in the late afternoon before a Saturday day hike. I started up the hill and momentarily caught an Easterish smell on the fair weather northwest wind. It vanished as fast as it had came which had a lesson but nothing to do with the elementary school just passed. This lesson was one about the persistence of memory and how to handle such instances. A meta simile because Easter scent could be encapsulated in a basket found and open many years ago on an Easter childhood day. A simile of a smile could only remain so on to the store. Sweetness was on the list as concerned the choice of dates and an attempted container of honey.

But the honey dispenser was on overload and a gigantic glob of currant honey gushed out. The surprise caused by the woman who announced she was reaching above the dispensers (which were oddly at stooping level near the floor) startled the shopper so he left the  gooey mess. But he drifted back a few times debating if he should get a new container and try again amidst the pool of sweetness. On the last time, he noticed a group of store employees trying to figure out “what had happened”.

But the shopper knew and KNEW. There is a special and GENERAL relativity even to honey incidents.

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