Missing Letter Monday: no U

Riddle from the Middle

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This afternoon’s post will be U-less.  Utterly, ultimately U-less.  Without that unreliable, unaccepted, hopefully not unavoidable letter U.

This challenge brought to you by The Mad Grad Student’s Missing Letter Mondays.

My entire life is covered in dog hair.

Everywhere I look, tiny white or yellow hairs stare back, mocking me with their obstinate insistence on invading my space.

Floating across the hardwood.  Embedded in the armchairs.  Coating the sofa.  Leaving a filmy layer on the coffee table.

Dog hair drifts in the air, catching on lamp shades and blinds, hovering above me as I read or write or cook.

Dog hair.


They say resistance is hopeless.  That pet owners finally accept they will never again leave their home deprived of dog hair clinging to their pants, their shirts, even their sneaker laces for Pete’s sake.

Now there is dog hair in my car.  Carried in on my clothes, it hovers…

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