I am still here loyal viewers

I suppose some of you have given up ever seeing my posts any more. But, I still think about Freedom each day. With the recent case of Apple Inc. vs FBI, the juice has srarted flowing again. But the juice should never be considered as simple angst like you could see written in my early journals. That is, the hand-written ones from the 1980’s. What drives me now is something more mature and methodical.
My first reaction to the case? I think it is an important test for personal freedom and specifically the freedom to be private or indeed to control one’s audience. This is what social media is all about so why shouldn’t privacy at the level of the device be also a freedom guaranteed to all. One may immediately claim national security is a degree of freedom but only if those in the nation are individually free.
Ok, just a few thoughts. I will endevour to keep this going and be more true to my name of being a daily writer!


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