New high speed editor?


I think the captioning on the photo is easier but the photo keeps on disppearing also where is spell check?

Ok so hitting the X at the left hand side of the image editor tool bar deletes your image.

On the blog: I know I have been out of action since early Fall. I wonder if I even have any loyal followers. I see email notifications from people I follow who post daily. That’s amazing and an inspiration how you all keep going outside the blogging classes.

Anyway, post is to also recognize the courage of people in France in the wake of the attacks. History may prove the causes for these attacks but humanity and the good in it will prove history wrong. Past is not prologue here.

There is otherwise much happening in #internetfreedom land and I hope to get regular with Freedom Friday soon. Thanks for your patience.

I hope also to get back hiking soon. On Friday the 13th, I sprained a toe and it was just from getting up from a bad sitting position and walking across the room. My right foot buckled and my toes got bent up. I have some neuropathy so have to be careful. Usually a week does it for recovery.

5 thoughts on “New high speed editor?

  1. It’s truly horrible what happened and now everyone is on edge.

    It’s hard to post regularly and at first I didn’t. For some people, a schedule helps. That doesn’t work for me though. For me, a high interest in the content makes me post, which is why I try to change it up sometimes.


    1. Ok…I am going to check out the calendar function. I still don’t really know how to easily create a recurring event. Funny I made it thru blogging 201 without really getting that. The new editor is “supposed” to make that easy.


      1. I hope it works out. You can look around on other blogs to see what recurring posts they have that fits your interests and create a similar one.


      2. I suggest you check one of those WordPress advice posts then. When I can’t figure stuff out or need ideas, I look it up on WordPress or Google.


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