Poll about linking blogs

Ok…finally after trying html code to create a poll (need plugin and wordpress org self hosted account), I went back to help to figure out how to add a poll. My theme doesn’t make this obvious. You must click feedback then it puts the polldaddy stuff in. Not sure how this works but I do know the purpose for me is to get clarification on my blog specifically on putting my book excerpts on a seperate blog. Should I put everything on this blog or have users click the menu link to get to my other blog or should I just post all here.

My thinking is the book is a separate but related item. It was first thought I could just create a page for it but you can’t do multiple posts on a page! This blog would be a catch all with posts from blogging classes or daily musings  Now, I could just create a category for book and if people wanted to see all the book related posts they click the radio button for that in the category list. But, you lose a lot by not having the customizations an entirely separate blog affords such as widgets.

The poll should allow you to add comments.

Assignment 10 done but I still need to go back and do 8 and 9. So please revisit even after the course is done😃

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