Freedom Friday: weekly musings on Freedom

Assignment 7 is here which involves creating an event which is recurring. I am always looking for ways to strengthen my brand and this is yet another opportunity. I invite the reader to also create an event or challenge for others in our community. Similarly, I will also create separately my own challenge which of course is related to my brand which focuses on free thinking and issues of freedom of expression particular as they relate to technology.
I picked Friday not only because it goes with the “F” in Freedom but also because on Friday there is often a sense of increased freedom as we liberate ourselves from the constraints of the work week and get ready for a great weekend in which we are often free to do as we choose. In theory right?
So, each Friday I will be selecting an article I came across in the news during the week that is relevant and then posting about it on my event page which you can find linked in my menu under writings…I will rename this to Freedom Fridays Event to be more specific.

Commenting is of course vital to keeping things going so I will be really pursuing follower goal of adding 2 new followers per day as I set out in Assignment 1.
The image has yet to be set but I’ll be working on that too. Something combining writing and freedom with a technology theme.
To get a sneak peak at the first topic have a look at this article because it’s an example of what this blog is all about. Not terrorism but the freedom to express ones self on the net using any device without government interference on a pretext that is a dangerous precedent – as dangerous as the supposed terrorism it seeks to prevent.
As far as the second part of this Assignment 7 which involves creating a meetup or participating in a local event, I can say that I already participate in several meetups locally for writers. Check out this meetup
I like the wordsmithy concept because it is a very spontaneous way to better your writing skills. The idea is you show up and are given a prompt and then a set time to write on it. Maybe something really random such as “Sharp angle wedges”.
Also, in October, check out the Word Camp I am attending. Seattle is a happening place, so finding this wasn’t difficult. Easier than in Montana where I lived before here!
I like this second part of today’s assginment because it gets you to think about real world interaction with other bloggers and writers wordpress or not.
Ok that’s it. Time to figure out the image and other event elements.

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