Emergency stat ward 4..stats Now…

Now that I have your attention, let’s launch into assignment 4 blogging 201. As you know, I did work on 2 and 3 and posted in the commons so am basically caught up. And a prefatory thanks to those who have followed me and liked or posted comments. Even though today’s assignment is about statistics, you are much more than just a rung on my goal-reaching ladder!
I like this assignment because I really almost never look at my stats in any detail. I guess after starting this think outside blog in July (blogging 101), I became a little discouraged not to see large numbers especially compared to otherd. But comparisons are odious and it’s time to have a look now that this has been going 2 months.
First, I noticed my visitors mainly come from USA but New Zealand comes in next followed by the UK, India, Canada, and Bangladesh. This is surprising since being in Seattle one would expect Canada to score higher. However, in the blogosphere geography is defined not by physical proximity but by visitor location of course.
In terms of most visited pages and posts, the home page/archives easily lead at 19 for this week followed by my assignment 1 post in this course. About hardly gets any views and this may be an opportunity to brand that and beef up the content though I did work on my Gravatar. I think visitors do go to Gravatar about but why not have a better About here?
I give special mention to @readersandmore and @Carol for dropping the most comments. I will make an effort to reciprocate since comments on blog posts apart from followers is a very important measure of success.
Finally, the most popular day is Monday at 29% of views and time is 11pm at 13% of views. This makes some sense since I am on the Pacific side and New Zealand has some geographical importance.
So, there you have it dear followers and visitors – the patient is not on life support but minor surgery may be needed to get everything going great.
In conclusion, can anyone see another bloggers stats? I am sure admins can of course…

11 thoughts on “Emergency stat ward 4..stats Now…

  1. I like your title, ties in nicely!
    You know that it always struck me as strange that my visitors aren’t more evenly spread over the day. At my nighttime I have the least visitors, although I have a lot of Americans viewing, and for them it’s evening then.
    Is it logical for your time zone?

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    1. Not really but as I said in my post New Zealand is the second most popular country for visits and when it is 11.00pm here I think it is 6.00pm there the next day of course. And posting therefore follows a prime time pattern where most activity is after folks get off work. But for USA the stat makes less sense since 11.00pm here is 2.00am on the east coast where most people are.

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  2. Your title made me want to call a code and bring in the crash cart…lol!! I’m not sure if you can see others stats. I haven’t done this assignment yet. Keep blogging, your views will get better.


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