3 Quotes in one day

I was nominated under three quotes three days prompt and thank @readersandmore for that. Nominated here.Due to time constraints (yes more hiking coming this weekend etc), I will do 3 quotes today and briefly comment on them. I thought of posting quotes about reading itself since we can all relate to that being aspiring bloggers!
At the end I will pass the quote baton to three of my followers.

An explanation is hardly needed but I think the takeaway here is that any sort of book can take us places we have never been. One does not have to read Harry Potter or the fantasy genre to get the magic of reading. For example, one may read a good biography and vicariously experience what the life of that person was like even if through the lens of the biographer.20150807_133909
I do think this is true because reading reviews on a book gives the prospective reader sometimes a very different opinion and indeed each person comes to a book with their own mindset and reading experience so the book becomes different to each reader.20150807_133607
If all books are biographical in nature (having come from the life of the writer), then it is quite possible to vicariously live a bit of many lives throught ones reading life. Even if the book is seemingly non-biographical as in a sci-fi fantasy, one can still get inside the mind of the author and read something if their lives in how they present the story and in particular character development perhaps guided by some in their real life familiars including friends and family.

Lastly, I nominate

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