assignment 14 about branding

This was a tough one and yes now I am actually behind for the first time since day 15 is already in my email. But, the weekend is coming so all is well. I know I still owe you all a hiking blog too and I will be doing Crystal Mountain tomorrow having done Melakwa lake this last Tuesday.

Speaking of hiking and the outdoors, those topics are a good segue into today’s assignment concerning building brand. It’s not that easy to build a brand when your blog incorporates several themes. But, if you do different blogs for each major theme as I intend to do eventually, you can brand seperately? Or is the brand globally applied? I will check on this…

Anyway, you can see I settled on a custom iconcustom icon which was the first possibility in the assignment. Ideally, I would like to get the notion of freedom more explicitly but this will do since the image has the elements I want which are the outdoors and at least some concept of free expression.
The Facebook and widget ideas will be worked on at a later time. I also am working on a header again so will be updating it shortly to reinforce site branding. The last one had the hello neighbor words over a mountain drawing but I found problems putting a blog title because the text was overlain.

2 thoughts on “assignment 14 about branding

  1. How did I miss you, or maybe your look has changed. Anyway, I love the outdoors, especially hiking. We were about to head back to the mountains but life is detouring us south and in flatlands. Glad these past two months I’ve lived in a hilly and wooded campground.


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