Assignment 13…Follow blogging event

I looked through a handful of the events to follow and found a fairly straightforward one to follow. What could be more simple than commenting on a favorite photo?

Well, if you are like me and get into the outdoors frequently, there are lots to choose from. So, I scrolled back in my camera images and chose this one.


Yes, it’s an old fire hydrant I encountered on one of my urban strolls. The reason I picked this photo is that it is so mundane but somehow has a human quality in it. In the ordinary is the extraordinary if one is willing to bring it out in expression and in this case the expression is this particular photo chosen. Some person or people mined the materials that it is composed of, others formed the various parts from materials, and still others assembled the finished hydrant. Their labor and conversations, perhaps their all too human stories surrounded and supported these processes. It is a silent sentinal of the ageing process yet it stands ready for perhaps a final service or has it ever seen the service it was intended for? It’s stubby plug arms drooping in the long wait and fittings slowly rusting after many decades of seasonal wear. An old hydrant at the end of an abandoned sidewalk which is also in similar state. Sometimes photography is about capturing the unusual in the mundane, a semantic mutation of sorts…

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