My prompt for a Monday…Assignment 11

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Singular Sensation.”

I clicked through about 10 prompts but finally got prompted to write. And for those of you struggling keep going because it looks like there are over 100 prompts.
The prompt is:

“If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?”

I think the answer to that partially goes back to the first blogging 101 assignment where we described our purpose for blogging so this will expand on that…

I would like to say that one life change I hope to effect by blogging here is to help me become a successful writer. As I indicated, I am writing a book on technology and freedom which attempts to answer the central question of whether we are more free personally because of technology or more constrained. As a work of non-fiction, it is going to take some really sharp writing skills to get it to final draft. The goal of course thereafter is publication. Writing one’s first book may or may not be life changing but it would surely be an enhancement to my life as well as being a great personal accomplishment.
Writing in my blog on a daily basis will, I hope get me motivated to finish the book I actually started on on Independence Day 2014. It’s tough to be purely self-motivated for long so one of the things I will start doing here (most likely after Blogging 101 is over) is to post excerpts of the book. Maybe it’s time to find out about the “excerpt” function on here. Of course then I will retitle this blog appropriately or maybe set up a new blog address for the writing excerpts. The goal of course is to get feedback on the writing as to style and content.
There are of course secondary things I want to accomplish but they are outside the scope of this prompt.

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