Comment enhancement-Assignment 9

Hello neighbors….for some reason I feel less inspired about today’s assignment and I think I know why. It goes back to assignment 8 and the fact I didn’t leave a comnent easily built on. Here’s a link to the blog post I comnented on. Anyone know how to link directly to the comment?

The other comments I left were mostly complimentary and not substantive.

I suppose the inspiration behind the comnent is one of resonance where I could see a similar situation with the blogger. I love getting out there to hike but have been a nightime person for so long it takes huge effort to get going the next morning. Even if I go to bed early (midnight is early), I will not fall asleep for a long time or wake up again at a very early hour and fall asleep again.
The larger question here that is brought up by the post and my comment is that concerning being able to change one’s habits. This is perhaps more of a question as we get older. Old habits become comfortable like well-used leather. But they may not inspire us to grow or extend ourselves as we might do “living in the moment” and being more adaptable to different situations and change.
But back to the post, I think given my keen interest in hiking and the outdoors, sacrificing a bit of the night owl may be easier than in other circumstances like for example having to get up for an unexpected early shift at work. On the other hand, the work scenario is a “must do” (if you don’t get up you may lose your job or get “dinged”). Missing a hike especially if it is just you going does not carry such consequences though afterwards there may be a feeling of guilt. In a group hike situation it could be more consequential especially if there is a waiting list and you were a no show.

2 thoughts on “Comment enhancement-Assignment 9

    1. I know what you mean. Hey…I found a hiking group that may be of interest. Meetup is how I got busy with hiking when I moved to Seattle. Check out THE DENVER TRAIL HEADS on Meetup
      You can add the meetup app on your phone and search for other hiking groups if that isn’t a good group for you. The thing about hiking groups is some are fast and it depends also who is leading the hikes. Also, I imagine you face some of the same logistics getting to the trailhead and above all traffic. Carpooling helps..
      Good luck on assignment 10!


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