Header assignment Day 7 Blogging101

Good day loyal followers (I do have a few by now 😄).
So today we were asked to make a Header and I found out the theme I was using did not have them so the first business was to find another theme. Chunk it is…what do you think?
Now about the header…I see so far that I can only add an image and therein lies the challenge. First, to get the image to size properly since it looks like we are forced to crop and once in crop mode the crop box does not free up to get the area desired. I tried desktop and mobile view to no avail. Double tapping on the crop zone does expand it a bit but there is no control. You can see my header cut off on the bottom reflecting this limitation.Here is the full image before crop so you can see what happened.

The other issue is to get some text in the header. How?

Maybe I should be posting this over in the commons and I may do so to get feedback.

Perhaps the issue is many do this on a laptop or web based platform?

8 thoughts on “Header assignment Day 7 Blogging101

  1. My Header day was a disaster. I’ve had to use library computer this week and it’s not only slow but does not have any of my own pictures…..I couldnt find ANY headers to match my post…called Google IS God…….it’s still blank and I’m still at the library. I love your picture


    1. I can understand your frustration and it seems you had a more challenging time than me as well. Google is god…and a good source for images. Maybe you can use one for your header. Not sure from a library if you can save images so you can upload to wordpress?
      Heading over to the commonsfor some help myself!

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      1. yes well today im at library again as i had so much to do and couldnt bring my computer with……Thanks for comment…will probably get to my computer tomorrow and post some of my personal photos…..ahhhhhhhhh ….I changed the title to IS GOOGLE GOD>….and edited a bit…anyway i like asking the question better than making a statement sometimes….catch you later


      2. I’m having some issues with my phone today so I understand about your computer situation. Looking forward to your photo updates. I see you are in oz..hope the winter is not treating you too badly….


      3. I’m actually in the UK..and being a lot on library computers which seem to be very limited with apps…….so todays assignment is a blow out. thanks for response…techno issues suck …how did we ever live before Google etc?


  2. If you use an ios device…iPhone or iPad, making header images is pretty easy. You can crop them to roughly the correct dimensions within the photo app. I found exact dimensions are needed…just getting close to the same pixel count for length x height is good enough. Then, to add text to the images there are server all apps I use. The easiest is TitleFX. That’s $1.99 by East Coast Pixels. Another good one is Photogene4 by Omer Shoor and it’s $2.99. It’s a full-fledged photo editing app though so I use it to add borders, change the size of pics and it has a good clone tool for repairs.


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