About Me..Assignment6 Blogging 101

Just experimenting with About page. This assignment could be the toughest of all so far. I am doing this first draft just to think things out. About an about so to speak. Yes, I could copy my first post where I stated my reasons for blogging in public but for those who follow me that would be a repeat. From my understanding concerning About, it should be something biographical but perhaps the highlights of what makes me unique. Hence the title for this page “Uniquely Me” in the widget.
Widgets are confusing because you have to go down a few levels in your dashboard to find the widget link. It’s under Appearance. I know there may be a way to get to it under menu but I couldn’t find it. I actually prefer dashboard. Then, the real confusion in widgets is adding them as there is already an “about.me” widget tho it links to a whole different site or “service”. I signed up for it though nothing much in my link there yet. You have to scroll down to “text” to add your own wording.
But the good news is that I was finally able to access the commons after Michelle reset my permission and reinvited me to the blog.


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