To my best friend the adventure traveller

In view of the task for assignment 4 in blogging 101, I have decided to write to my best friend. I am writing a book but writing to a publisher just didn’t get anything started but thanks for the suggestion. This may be a mixture of prose and poetry. I enjoy off beat travel so decided to set that as a topic and then address post to a best friend to get specific.

I have never had a best friend in the truest sense but you are the best so far just because you know when to ask the questions that life throws at all of us. Since there is no screen of passion, you see me clearly and reflect to me not what I want to see but as I am. The image thereof replete with meaningful content and I like myself best when I am with you.
As a best friend, you are willing to shadow my life for a while to get to know me at my best and vice versa. We do share a love for the ultimate in adventure travel and see our frienship as growing even stronger in sharing the experience of travelling on the edge indeed the road not travelled. Caught between a rock and a hard place so to speak but loving the adventure.

Travel my friend is indeed best shared so no solo swims here but this scenery is fantastic. This is the road not travelled where the adventure into our friendship begins.

——–end note not part of main post—–

Ok…enough tinkering around with Size code…I couldn’t get the instagram to size down. Same with twitter. I even tried wrapping an image tag around it then sizing that but then broken link appears. Any suggestions. I bolded the text to get some offset from the image size but can’t size the text. Well,maybe that’s a future assignment.

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