Blogging 101 assignment 3

I feel sort of mystified by today’s assignment which focuses on building a network here. I have pretty much figured that was 50% of the deal so in a way it is a mystery why blogging 101 didn’t bring this up in assignment 1. I suppose the idea was to get some posts out first and then follow some blogs of interest.

So, in this effort, I have added the following blogs:

Keithgarrettpoetry (I enjoy poetry so this will also be a topic to follow)

bluchickenninja (This is mainly an non best seller book blog with youtubes interspersed and I like the format. Will add books to topics because I’m an avid reader). news (obvious choice because keeping up on the latest WP news and developments makes sense…also adding wordpress news as a topic).

Outdoors in suburbia (I feel this is a lot of us who want to be in the country as in more outdoors but are stuck closer to the city….will add hiking and outdoors as topics from this blog following).

So far so good overall in blogging 101. Since starting the course, I have several new followers mainly from those whose blogs I followed and liked. I think it’s probably important to leave comments too so in the spirit of today’s assignment will do just that. The real measure of community building of course is when bloggers you didn’t follow start following your blog. I am confident in time, as this blog develops in style and scope, that this will happen.

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