Blogging 101Second Assignment

Ok so this is my second assignment post. I think the idea of the second assignment in this blogging 101 is to explore changing your title and tagline. I still don’t have a good sense of taglines but will come up with some changes.
I am leaving the bottom part of this post below the dotted line unchanged as it is an unresolved or ongoing part.
Ok..let’s explore some capabilities here.


Photo insert works tho editing to add a title shows nothing.



Excellent..welcome to html 101. Just kidding.
One of the questions I do have is do you get more attention by extensively editing a post including changing title or tagline as compared to creating a whole new post?

I will try to answer the question format but first something off my chest….

I created another blog space and under a different account but still after a long time of trying to merge that with this have been unable. It’s yourdailycoffee if you want to search for it. I am not sure how to link to it here. Trouble is, it’s under a different login and tied to an email I no longer have. I can pull it up on my laptop but under mobile app I am logged in as me here.

So, I suppose at the most fundamental level, I am looking to get feedback on the book I am writing concerning freedom and technology. The book tries to answer the question of whether we are more free because of the internet or more constrained by it as compared to life before the net.

I’ve got the book copied from Word on my laptop to OneNote so it shouldn’t be a problem getting excerpts on here. I am especially interested in hearing from aspiring writers who are on track to getting their first book written and are looking to epublish once it’s completed.

Also, have you joined any local word press groups in your area like off of and have they been helpful. If so, how do they compare to any more traditional writers groups you may have joined?

I am Mike and look forward to connecting with the community with these focused assignments.


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