After a long time I return here. #aeolian #wordoftheday #juiceyourblog #returntoblogging

I wonder if I still have any followers or if that matters. I do have a new phone since last time. A lot has happened since the August accident in Issaquah and the subsequent car repair that resulted in the demise of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Ah I see same crappy Samsung keyboard. I should … More After a long time I return here. #aeolian #wordoftheday #juiceyourblog #returntoblogging


A question of distance to get at the nub of the environment. Exigency reified and maximised the senses of that without is subsumed in the totality of Outside. Thinking is irrelevant as there is only the feel of time and the taste of distance and the recombi matrix that must be. The disease is a … More Outside