Prompt about balloons and a house. Thanks to Melanie my latest follower

Melanie’s post about aspiring to write something got me motivated today. A day in which, otherwise, offered little in the way of motivation beyond the ordinary home-brewed cup of coffee. It’s another sunless day the 28th in a row. I almost long for those bright arctic days painfully clear but perussive with colors. Almost…except the balloons … More Prompt about balloons and a house. Thanks to Melanie my latest follower

Some kind of story

She was the original protagonist an Aunty Gen minus the gin. The accesorized 360 degree view helped the triumvarite of dreamscapers find the needed character mold. A veritable impression left by a 542 year old blood sausage. The hampstead heath was her domain of new and old. Thee weesome bucks around the mark were solidly … More Some kind of story

Day 20 and 21

Anyone have some tips on how to keep writing when you don’t feel motivated? Maybe I do too much live streaming and blogging has run out of gas due to lack of instant interaction. At last count, there are over 30 main stream live apps out there. Everyone is trying to build engagement for their … More Day 20 and 21

Day 18 and 19

Yep, going to tackle 2 in one to get caught up.I might do a bit of poetry after tackling this article on net neutrality that I came across today. Tomorrow is Inauguration Day so it is appropriate to discuss change. But what has changed so far? The choppers will be circling looking for a story as protests … More Day 18 and 19

Patently absurd? Day Seventeen.

Recently, the Supreme court heard a case on allegedly offensive trademarks that a performing artist among others tried to pass through patent. The eight justices heard arguments in a case involving a Portland, Oregon-based Asian-American dance-rock band called The Slants that was denied a trademark on their name because the government deemed it offensive to people of … More Patently absurd? Day Seventeen.

Time for taxes? The 16th Amendment for 16th?

It’s not my story but all of our stories. Here’s in a nutshell what the 16th Amendment to the US Consitution says: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. I was thinking … More Time for taxes? The 16th Amendment for 16th?

Day 13 👍👍😁😄😅😆😄😍😌😁😂😅😆

Most consider Friday the 13th unlucky but I can list 13 good things that happened on Friday. 1. I completed my post for Day 12 and kept on track with daily contributions to my blog. 2. The day was mostly sunny. 3. My physical mailbox was empty of junk. 4. I got the apartment cleaned. … More Day 13 👍👍😁😄😅😆😄😍😌😁😂😅😆